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Research & Development

Aspedia Australia Research & Development Initiatives

Aspedia Australia prides itself on its ability to be innovative, proactive, and transform technology to enable us to take our users on a journey to places they have never been. 

Development of a Context-Aware CRM (CoCRM) with a Data Scoring and Rules Definition Ranking Engine

Aspedia Australia is over five years into the planning, patenting and development of a context-aware CRM solution.
The main differentiating factor with this product over other products in the market is the ability to score all business data across an organisation relative to all other business data in a Google-like index. 
This indexing allows for real-time data mining while retaining linear performance scaling. The data scoring ensures the most likely relevant data is presented (highest quality prediction) or the next most likely activity to be carried out by an individual user or group is recommended.
By deploying a COCRM, businesses will create more valuable opportunities by virtue of knowing the customer more intimately and will improve their productivity and efficiency as systems eliminate complexity for the user by making ‘intelligent’ recommendations.
The Aspedia COCRM aims to provide a world first Context-aware CRM (CoCRM) solution that enables Small to Medium Enterprise organisations globally, within selected vertical markets; to capture, interact with, and report on, contextual business data in a simpler, more intuitive and nuanced manner than ever before.
Our technology links, indexes and ranks (scores) Business Intelligence data within a CRM database in a similar manner to that of the Google Page Rank system. This powerful Data Scoring (ranking) Engine analyses ALL system data, mapping in real time each data element's relative importance to each other data element using user added and system generated contextual data to predict the most likely action to take or information to read, based on their specific situation and analysing all available historical data.
The very process of making contextual data available to users streamlines training requirements and improves user acceptance, but more importantly, it improves staff to client interactions, trend analysis, management decision-making and communication across the extended enterprise which includes internal and external stakeholders.
The ultimate outcome of using this product is improved customer service and business efficiency, together with increased sales opportunities.

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