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Blog Archive for June 2013

Explore Google Hangouts

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech
Google Hangouts is the new product taking over from Google Talk, bringing all the people who matter most in your world together in one conversation. Google hangouts enables conversations to come to life with the use of photos, real time video, emoticons and even group video, and the best part is it's all free. 


The main new feature in Google Hangouts is that you can connect and engage easily with friends, work colleagues and family more easily than ever before.

Google Launches Knowledge Graph Carousel for Local Searches

A Marketing article written by
An announcement has been made for the official launch of Google's Knowledge Graph Carousel now available in local search results. The carousel has been appearing more and more in searches and this has motioned the call to make the launch official for local search results.

Sony Reveals Smart Watch Ahead of Apple, Instagram Introduces Video & Leap Motion Launches

A Marketing article written by
The news has been filled with technology-related updates and latest releases this week, with a focus specifically on the new leap motion hands-on controller and the latest Sony second addition Smartwatch. The major debate has seen the world still awaiting the launch of Apple's Smartwatch while Sony rolls out their second addition. 
Facebook-owed company, Instagram launches a new video feature with the debate that this new feature takes away from the effective and unique photography.